Good Friday at FBC: The Verdict



You are hereby summoned to appear in
the Eternal Court of Heaven at Fleetwood Bible Church,
located at 2847 Moselem Springs Road, Fleetwood, Pennsylvania,
on Good Friday, April 6, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.

You are being called as a member of creation
to bear witness to the eternal truth and justice that
will be meted out in Case 137A-642:

Infinite Justice v. Matthew Smith

The Honorable El Elyon, God Most High and Judge of
All the Earth, will be presiding. Please be advised that Mr. Matthew
Smith will be on trial for his life. His eternal life. 


The Father, Judge of All the Earth – Kevin Harbster
The Son, Redeemer of All Mankind – Quentin Hampton
The Holy Spirit, Sustainer of All Life – Joe Ercoli
The Defendant, Mr. Matthew Smith – Jason Dickinson
The Attorney, Mr. Aaron Jones, Esq – Nathanael Naugle
The Prosecutor, Mr. Ray Faust, D.A. – Tim Valentino
The Bailiff, Mr. Terry Price – Wade Kuchenbrod
The Stenographer, Joy Angelica – Jennifer Thompson
The Soldiers – Pete Avram, Ken Hampton, Ken White
The Guards – Colby Hampton, Micah White

Costumes – Heidi Foreman
Photography – Kim Sweimler
Lighting, Sound, Projection – Eric Yoder, Josh Reed
Properties – Nathanael Naugle, Claude Petrie, Merlin Stutzman
Director – Christine Dickinson

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